Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale (POS)

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Point Of Sale for Billing
Keeping track of your finances is one of the most important aspects of managing a business. POS provides the “way of creating invoices and tracking each of them." It manages all the accounting requirements and helps to know the receivables and payables on real-time. POS can simplify your billing and save your valuable time and money. Producing professional, timely invoices for your clients and customers will ensure that you make a postive impression, and enable you to maintain a firm grip on the financial state of your business. POS is a fully featured online billing application that can be used to send estimates, invoices, track time and expenses, and accept online payments. You can send invoices to an unlimited number of clients.

• Apply partial or full payments toward recorded invoices when payments are received.
• Automacally generate sales orders and invoices using customer, quantity and/or special pricing.
• Automacally generate invoices for preventive maintenance based on contract details and billing cycles. Easily create invoices, quotes and orders, save or send invoices as PDF files
• Generate, view and print reports for unpaid invoices, payments, item sales, accounting, and more.
• Link invoices to contracts & equipment for accurate profitability tracking. Link purchase orders to sales orders and invoices.

Note: For live demo use the following username and passward.
Warehouse Management:
Href: http://www.tbsdemos.com/demos/inventory/
Company Code: TBS1418
Password: tbs1100
Mobile: 9689429351
Password: tbs1100

Point of Sale Billing:
Href: http://www.tbsdemos.com/demos/pos_billing
Company Code: TBS0011
Password: pass123
Mobile: 9689429349
Password: pass123

Point of Sale Warehouse:
Href: http://tbssms.com/tbswarehouse/login
Username: admin
Password: Pass$123

Point Of Sale (POS)

Watch the video to get an overview of our Point Of Sale for Billing

POS with Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management with POS helps you to manage your sales and inventory onsite. Warehouse with POS is important part of the stock management and mainly aims is to regulator the movement and packing of constituents within a warehouse and process the related transactions, including shipping, receiving, picking and dropping. A person working with the warehouse management needs to have understanding of stock management and warehousing systems, loading and unloading methods, risky and supplies storage etc.

PRODUCTS: Standard, combo and digital products, add, edit & view (with reports). Print barcodes & labels, import by csv, adjust quantity and update bulk price.
SALES: Add, edit, delete & view sales, payments (mulple add, edit, delete & prints), receive payment online, record delivery order for Sales, gift cards (add, sell, edit, delete & prints), and return sales.
QUOTES: Add, edit, delete & view quotes, add sale or purchase from quotes, download as pdf and email quotes.
PURCHESES: Add, edit, delete & view purchases, payments (mulple add, edit, delete & prints), expenses (add, edit, delete & prints) and purchase by csv file.
TRANSFERS: Transfer products in warehouses, add, edit, delete & view transfers, with status and add csv file.
PEOPLE: Add staff users and related actions, Billers (selling co), Customers & Suppliers with import by csv option.
NOTIFICATIONS: Staff & customer nofications option.
SETTINGS: System settings to easily set correct settings as you need, opon to manage logo, currencies, categories, variants, customer groups, tax rates, warehouses, email templates, group permissions, backups and updates.
REPORTS: Overview and warehouse stock chart, product quantity and expiry alerts, daily, monthly, custom sales, payments, profit and/or loss, purchases, categories, customers, suppliers and staff reports.

POS with Warehouse Management

Watch the video to get an overview of our POS with Warehouse Management


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