Lead Management System

Lead Management System

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Leads Management System is an online web application that allows any organization's sales force to efficiently and effectively manage their leads. We offers a powerful tool set that would be a pre-requisite for any company conducting business over the Internet. Being used by one of the largest sales staffs, the Lead Management System helps customers to rapidly distribute and effectively manage leads across their organization for both internal use and to facilitate online business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). The application allows a wide range of users within an enterprise to monitor, update and administer prescribed areas of an enterprise's lead management over the Internet and other digital networks in an easy to use, secure and centrally controlled process which will maximize lead productivity.

• Leads Management
• CRM Management
• Sales Management
• Task Management
• Product Management
• Integrated Calendar

Leads Database: LMS helps you to capture all the generated lead in one cloud platform including the customers interest pertaining to particular product or services. It helps you to have all the records of generated leads with their nature & interest for future references as well .
Leads Source: LMS helps you to track down your lead sources which helps your marketing team to manage their campaigns for leads generation & second to your sales team, who will come to know, how customers inquired about their product or service.
Leads Assignments: LMS helps you to assign leads to different individuals on one platform, simultaneously. You can assign as many as leads to your sales team very easily, without any unexpected confusions or hurdles, so that they can do all justice to the business leads.
Leads Management: LMS, helps you to filter all your leads according to their priorities and interest. With the scope for future follow ups & sales pipeline, it helps your sales team to evaluate their lead database according to their degree of interest, which helps in future closures.
Leads Follow Ups: LMS helps you to makes a funnel of overall leads and allows yours sales force to make necessary follow ups of day to day activities on one single platform, which enhance the probability of more closures and more revenue generation for the business.
Leads Qualification: LMS helps you in the qualification of interested lead. It tells the prospective opportunities for sales, which helps your sales department to draw effective focus on the leads and moreover helps to decide to take all necessary majors & efforts to close a fruitful deals.

• Data management
• Easy and straight forward way to manage your daily leads
• To track real time sales growth
• Allow all data management in one place
• Cost management, less expensive
• Lead Organization
• Lead distribution
• Lead tracking
• Build and maintain a relationship

Lead Management System

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